Intelligent paint becoming increasingly popular

Intelligent paint becoming increasingly popular

New technologies for paints and coatings are becoming increasingly available to homeowners.  As a result, the paint used on building facades and interiors is now able to do more than just provide a new layer of color.

The demand for new technologies in the field of paints has increased significantly in recent times. Sophisticated solutions such as washable and stain-resistant paint are already commonly found on the market, but manufacturers have also begun to offer more advanced products that offer additional and unexpected benefits.  Examples of this are:

Antimicrobial paint
This type of paint was created to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, particularly in rooms with high moisture levels. It is recommended especially for rooms in which food is produced in high moisture conditions, as well as hospitals.

Photocatalytic paint
This paint is resistant to washing and airborne pollutants.  When applied to the facades of buildings, it facilitates self-cleaning of the surface by rain, thereby eliminating the need to hand-wash the walls.

Protective paint against radiation and radio waves
Paints have been developed that offer protection against radiation from transmitting stations, antennas or other sources.  With adequate resistance to waves, it can create a Faraday cage in a room, making it particularly suitable for theatres, cinemas or rooms requiring a barrier against external radiation or transmission waves.
Thermo-intelligent paint
Polifarb Kalisz SA has introduced the first ‘intelligent’ paint. CIQ paint uses a modern system of microspheres that provides excellent reflection of thermal radiation.  In summer, CIQ paint retards the penetration of hot air through walls inside the premises, providing a cool and comfortable interior and reducing air-conditioning costs. In winter, CIQ paint helps retain indoor heat to significantly reduce heating bills.
CIQ is a healthy and environmentally-friendly paint that will improve your quality of life through its temperature-stabilization properties while lessening the burden on your wallet and the environment.